How To Embrace The Curved Lines Trend

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One of the most important lessons learned in the new year is that the inner world is still rejecting sharp edges. Instead, embrace the tendency of curved lines.

This is consistent with furniture that is more rounded, such as circle beds and bubble chairs. Seeing waves and lines become a popular print pattern on everything from rugs to wallpapers.

This movement towards the natural world is related to this tendency. Our houses can be a calming haven thanks to the way that curved lines soften a room. Natural movement, such as that of climbing trees and winding waterways, is simulated by curves and wavy lines.

Here are our quick picks and suggestions for incorporating this look into your interior. Bringing a soft edge and curve line into your home can see your interior immediately updated with a few simple additions or adjustments.

Circular mirrors
A mirror can be an excellent method to incorporate a new trend into your decor when trying it out. It also adds a useful piece to your house while supporting the trend of curved lines.

The idea of only bringing in things that have a reason is another crucial trend for 2023. That is not to suggest that useful things cannot also maintain their artistic integrity. The decluttering, softening, and simplification of interior areas to produce a tranquil haven are all related.

A Swedish artist who is popular in the interior design industry is Gustaf Westman. With his bubble plates and cloud mirrors, he is a leader in the round fashion. Try something like this Round Mirror by William Yeoward for a hint of his impact.

We love this special piece, which has a more traditional colour scheme than Westman’s designs. This stunning mirror is a showcase piece with a modern curved edge design that will endure as a timeless and adaptable piece.

Plush furniture
There are more items than just small home accessories that exhibit the curved lines fashion. The rounded and cushy couches have a distinctly retro vibe, evoking the decor of the 1970s.

Modernized versions of the famous egg chair from the 1970s feature sofas with curved lines and soft edges for maximum comfort.

This tendency extends beyond basic sofas; footstools and cushions are also a part of it. With this Moselle Pouffe Footstool, check out the vogue.

This footstool, which is shaped like a cylinder and has an earthy boho design, demonstrates another style. While avoiding sharper edges, we use texture to add character to the interior of the house. This year’s popular fabrics on Pinterest include boucle, tweed, and linen.

Floating Illumination
Soft furniture aren’t the only source of lines with softer edges. Reconsider typical household items like lighting.

This can take the shape of lamp shades or actual lamps. More than the typical up-and-down silhouettes, floor lights with an exaggerated arch make a statement in a space.

Try this dark blue Crystal Glass Lamp if you want something a little more compact but still powerful.

The Aragoa Lamp has a gorgeous opaque finish that resembles shiny stones and a modern midnight blue colour scheme.

Three mouth-blown globes are used to create the gorgeous silhouette of this crystal lamp, which is handcrafted in the UK by talented artisans. Because each design is unique, no two lamps will ever be exactly alike. A work of art that is genuinely one of a kind and unique for your interior.

Backgrounds That Change
Waves and lines are a prominent trend that can be seen throughout our homes, especially on the walls in unconventional paint colours and distinctive wallpaper designs.

However, this doesn’t have to be in the popularly minimal version. Although we adore intricate prints, there is no absolute preference for either. Select a pattern for your wallpaper that has sweeping, supple lines and movement, such as this Fanfare Flock Wallpaper.

A romantic and opulent modern flock paper adapted from a 19th century archive design is Cole & Son’s Fanfare Flock wallpaper. The matching flock overlay draws attention to the leaves’ feather-like appearance.

This wallpaper contributes to a related movement that favours the neo-classical style. This goes hand in hand with the current trend towards an environment that is more natural and straightforward. While we simplify our furniture, watch neutrals transition to ornate patterns to add some design.

Rounded rugs
Without describing how to integrate a rug into the curved lines trend, our list would be lacking.

The trend in carpets is simply towards rounded and circular patterns. The standard square rug has too many sharp edges and corners to fit in this design.

That is not to suggest that soft-edged objects cannot be placed next to square or rectangular rugs. A round mat is the way to go, though, if you really want to embrace this look.

Consider a rug similar to this Folia Round Rug. Perfect for adding a feature that helps introduce a key feature into your interior and softening a room. Carpet Of Persia rugs are trendy and well-known due to their outstanding quality. We supply exclusively Machin-made oriental carpets of the highest quality directly from Iran.

Wedgwood’s Folia Round Carpets 38301

Every home benefits from the tranquil ambiance this Wedgwood Folia Circular Rug in stone produces while also making the space appear larger than it actually is. It breathes light and fresh air into every space, especially with its organic bright colours.

Patterns for Curved Bedding
Like most trend lists, updating your bedroom is as simple as getting a new bedding arrangement.

This tendency also applies to curved lines. By including a statement bed set in your bedroom, you can rapidly infuse some new life into your decor.

Our top choice for a luxurious, artistic touch is this denim blue Wild Rose Bedding by Orla Keily.

This will help to change your bedroom with a retro vibe and an art pop classic Keily vibe. The room will feel contemporary and unique thanks to the curved motif in stark white and blue.

So, this season, are you going to incorporate the curved lines style into your home? Tell us in the comments if so.

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