Embrace 2023 Interior Trends

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The beginning of the year ushers in a flurry of fresh fashions, colour schemes, and design fads for the home. So, in 2023, experiment with some fresh design trends with the renowned designer Laura Ashley.

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Laura Ashley: Who Is She?
The Welsh fashion and textile artist Laura Ashley is the inspiration behind the well-known UK brand. Laura and Bernard Ashley launched their renowned home and lifestyle business in 1953, marking the brand’s humble origins.

They visited the V&A museum to get ideas for a Women’s Institute show, then brought those ideas back to their tiny London apartment where they used their kitchen table to hand-print their first fabric scraps.

They used books from the library to learn the printing profession. A year later, they acquired a printing device to market fabrics by the yard and formally established the name. They opened a showroom and rapidly sold out of their distinctive prints and designs, which were first sold on tea towels.

The enduring British brand was established and rapidly grew. To maintain the distinctive handwriting and style that we have come to know and adore in the modern era, the brand keeps adding fresh ideas and vintage prints to the collection.

Laura Ashley and Interior Styles
Introduce texture to your home
Texture is a fantastic method to give your decor a second level of interest and an extra layer.

Contrasting fabrics can add intrigue and take your interior design to the next level. Layers are added with the help of plush textiles and soft velvets. With the right textures, prints in a single hue can stand out.

As always, Laura Ashley is a print industry legend and trailblazer. Meaning that some of their works have been given a modern twist through the use of texture. similar to Persian Carpet London.

In a natural colour scheme, cleavers have daisy and hanging leaf silhouettes. This lovely flower pattern is hand carved into a relief texture in a cut and loop pile. This hand-tufted, 95% pure wool rug is the ideal focal point for your living room, bedroom, and hallway spaces because it is so strong, resilient, and adaptable.

Choose cushions if you want to add texture to your home in a manner that is a little more flexible than a rug. Adding dimension with a cushion like this Nigella Velvet Cushion is a remarkably simple way to change the appearance of a room.

With their gorgeous blush pink velvet sofa, Laura Ashley introduces opulent texture and interior design trends. with tasteful braiding to complete.

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Attempt maximalism
After years of Pinterest being overrun with neutrals and simpler earth tones, this time-honored trend is getting a makeover in 2023.

With a focus on the natural world and Japanese-inspired styling, natural colours are still in style because they help you give your house personality. The opposite of simplicity is maximalism. To add individuality to your space and to break up the plain, consider using big swirling patterns and striking pops of colour.

When it comes to prints and colours, Laura Ashley has always been the leading innovator in home décor. So it makes sense that they become more established with this tendency. For a true explosion of this interior trend, we love the Persian Rug from Carpet Of Persia.

On a background of China blue, this fine tapestry features tulips and daffodils combined in hues of fuchsia pink, orange, and green. A piece of painted artwork discovered in the Laura Ashley collection served as the inspiration for this gouache painted floral design from the 1990s.

A strong design with a plush, hand-tufted feel. a little bit carved to highlight the vibrant spring flowers and give your space a little bit more texture. beautifully made from only wool.

Try the Tulip Floral Doormat for a more understated way to incorporate this motif and trend into your house.

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Grecian style
The neo-classical movement is a response to the dominant neutral trend of recent years, much like maximalism. In retaliation, interior designers are bringing ornate and uniqueness back.

Neoclassicism is a cultural trend that took its cues from the art and culture of classical antiquity. It can be found in the decorative and visual arts, literature, theatre, music, and building.

As a renowned company that has never shied away from prints and opulent styling, Laura Ashley contributes to this indoor trend. as in the case of this Tuileries Bedroom Set.

Midnight Blue Laura Ashley Tuileries Duvet Set

This lavish monochromatic pattern by Laura Ashley is French and romantic. An old Toile de Jouy painting served as the inspiration for the Tuileries. and now embellishes this expensive bedding ensemble. Try neoclassical trends with Laura Ashley to add a touch of personality to your living area.

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Draw a Few Circles
The transition to using lines is one of the significant shifts in the interior world for this year. Soft and wavelike lines, as well as framing techniques, can help elevate your house.

To help make a statement in your area, you can do this by using delicate lines or bolder, thicker lines. Consider a design like the Eaton Patterned Rug.

This subtly fashionable pattern features horizontal stripes in a range of thicknesses, and it was first introduced in the 2010s as a wallpaper and fabric design. in tones of naval blue and seaspray blue. Hand-tufted with some intricate carving lines out of 95% pure wool and 5% viscose.

With designs like this Shalford Cotton Bedding Set, you can incorporate some of this fashion into other spaces, like the bedroom.

The Laura Ashley Shalford Duvet Cover features a traditional style that never goes out of style. Featuring a woven satin stripe in light, neutral cream that is finished with a piped border, this bed creates a calm, elegant atmosphere in the bedroom.

Browse Laura Ashley’s home goods

In our brand spotlight for the renowned company, learn more about Laura Ashley and her assortment. You can also buy her selection here. Contact Carpet Of Persia for more info on Persian rugs